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I love deadlines! Really, I do.  I understand that delivery times are critical in order to execute your projects. I will be passionate and dedicated to working on your project until we have a final product that matches or exceeds your vision and expectations.

Communications are conducted through emails, fax, phone, zoom and high-speed internet. I’m also available for on-location work. Located in Wilmington, NC and Charleston, SC, I have successfully worked with filmmakers and other clients worldwide.


My Goal:

My main goal as a freelance storyboard artist is to make my clients’ lives easier. I want them to feel like they’ve been to a spa, that the looming deadline is manageable, that they don’t need to worry about late storyboards and that their vision will be easily conveyed to all that need to see it. Ok, so the spa part is a bit of an overreach, but I’ll try! Basically, if you trust me with your storyboarding needs, I want you to not have to worry about that part of your project. I got you.

My Storyboard Process:

Below is an overview of my general process when working with a client. Of course every project is different and I’m happy to adapt for your specific needs.

First Contact:
First I’ll talk (player’s choice: phone, email, text, carrier pigeon) to the client about what they are looking for in terms of storyboards and get the full details of the project.

The Roughs:
I’ll go off and draw some rough sketches. These mainly focus on figuring out if we’re on the same page in terms of shots, composition, and general idea. Drawing wise, they are very abstract and give Jackson Pollock a run for his money, but hopefully they get the idea across. I can also knock out about 60 or more rough storyboard frames in a day so the client will quickly have images to start the refining process of the storyboards.

Feedback Round 1:
Once I receive feedback from the client, I’ll make the needed changes and send back over the revised roughs. We’ll do this until they are happy with the roughs.

The Clean-Up:
I then move on to refining the line drawings and making them easier to read and pretty. People get faces and clothing, backgrounds get details, product images are placed.

Feedback Round 2:
I’ll send these over for another round of feedback and will revise them until the client is happy with the results. If this was for black/white storyboards, this is the end of the process, unless we end up going for a bonus round (see below). However, if this is for a grayscale or color storyboard….

Grayscale & Color:
This is when I’ll start adding color or grayscale. Depending on the job, I might send over some samples as I color to make sure I’m on the right track.

Feedback Round 3 (for grayscale & color):
Once again, I’ll send the finished versions over for another round of feedback and will revise them until the client is happy with the results. The client happily (ok, more likely stressfully) goes off to present the storyboards and I’m off to go help another client in need.

Bonus Round! The client’s client had changes:
(Sometimes it’s even the client’s client’s client..)
So the client presented the boards to their client, and that client had changes (the word client is loosing all meaning now). They will send over the needed changes and I’ll revise the boards and sent them back over. This bonus round can happen as many times as needed.


Levels of Storyboards

I offer several different levels of storyboards for all budgets and projects. Below you’ll see an example of each level. The more detailed the storyboard the longer the turnaround time and the higher the price. All files will be delivered at 300dpi. Please feel free to contact me for exact pricing and if you have any questions.

Thumbnails: Great for smaller budget projects or projects with a super tight deadline. Not overly detailed, but this is the quickest and least expensive option.

Black/White: Cleaner and more detailed than thumbnails, but can still be done quite quickly. Splashes of color or branding can be added.

Grayscale: The grayscale option has more depth than black/white version and gives you a more complete and polished overall feel.

Color: Fully rendered images. This version requires a longer preparation time and will cost a bit more, but the final result is the most dynamic out of all of the different versions.


A look at my layout and drawing process