Debi Hammack is an incredibly talented artist. We have been working with her for over 10 years and find ourselves more impressed with every single project. Not only is she prompt and timely, she is very client-facing and handles all of our last-minute, running-against-the-clock asks with grace and ease. Debi is as passionate about telling the story through her boards as I am about telling a story with an Alexa. She literally has surpassed my expectations every time we have worked together.Brad Walker
Owner & Director/DP / Lighthouse Films

Advertising is about telling great stories. But even before you can tell that story, you have to convince your client (and yourself) that your story aligns with the brand. That’s not always easy. So when words aren’t enough, and you need that extra vision, we turn to Debi Hammack Illustration, time and time again. Her technique not only conveys great emotion in every frame, but also wonderful creativity, often framing scenes with depth, color and angles that we would have never imagined otherwise. Always the versatile, prolific and reliable artist, we love her classic style, and clients do too. Hollywood may be 3,000 miles away, but with Debi Hammack onboard, it’s wherever you are.Kurt Squiers
Owner / SQUiERS, LLC

She was very prompt and communicated with us constantly. What I liked most was her ability to translate my written directions into very compelling boards without my having to over-explain myself. It got to a point where I couldn’t wait for the next set of boards to come in. I plan to work with Debi on all my projects.Lin Fahrenheit
Director / The Creative Continuum