Stories from the Unforged Highway

Beggar's will Ride: Chap. 3 & 4
The Howl (5MB)

Beggar's will Ride: Chap. 1 & 2
The Howl
Beggar's will Ride: Chap. 1
Welcome to Stories from the Unforged Highway!

Home of the unique tales created by Joanne Weiss and Debi Hammack. We offer fictional stories in the form of regular prose, sequential art and audio pod casts. Feel free to browse the sections, and of course to leave us feedback. We hope to update the stories and artwork on a regular basis.

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When two best friends, one a writer and one an artist, both realized they needed an outlet for their creative abilities and material to hone their skills on, they looked at each other and said “Duh! Let’s work together! Man, we’re idiots, why didn’t we think of this sooner…shesh!?/i> And so Stories from the Unforged Highway was born.

In this venture, we hope to supply art and stories that both entertain and inspire, while providing examples of the creative works of artist (and sometimes writer) Debi Hammack and writer (and sometimes pod caster) Joanne Weiss. It is our hope that this site might act as a living portfolio that will help to support our current and future professional endeavors.

About Us

Debi Hammack
Is a freelance artist who specializes in sequential art, storyboarding, illustrations, and concept art. She is also available for graphic design work and website designs.

Joanne Weiss
Is a freelance writer, and filmmaker who specializes in fictional prose and film scripts. (site under construction)

Contact Us

All stories, art, content on this website is Copyright property of Jo Weiss and Debi Hammack (2009). One of our brothers is a lawyer and if we can ever get his attention, we will use his great (and free) power against any intellectual property theft.

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