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Debi Hammack
Storyboard Artist - Illustrator - Graphic Design

»   Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)
Client: 20th Century Fox Television

»   Sins of the Wicked (Short Film)
»   The Filmmaker (Feature Film)
Client: Dalmacy Films
Director: Nick Dalmacy

»   Widow Creek (Feature Film)
Director: Michael Merino

»   Charm City Rumpus (Short Film)
Client: Gumshoe Rumpus Productions
Producer: Jimmy Monack

»   Exists (Feature Film)
Client: Amber Entertainment, Haxan Films
Director: Eduardo Sánchez

»   Gorgeous Knight (Short Film)
Client: Origin Nile Films
Producer: Jibril Haynes, Director: Nicole D. Parker

»   Candybar (Short Film - Award Winner)
Client: Cornukopia Entertainment
Director: Mathew August

»   Twice Exceptional (Short Film)
Client: Janna Communications/Studio Kinate, LLC
Director: Michael Pollak

»   Amateur Hour (Feature Film)
Client: Amateur Hour LLC
Producer: Justin D'Agostino
Director: Sam Moussavi

»   Unnamed TV Series
»  Storage (Short Film)
Client: The Creative Continuum
Director: Lin Fahrenheit

»   Twenty Questions (Animation Short)
Client: Studio Kinate, LLC
Director: Arla Bowers

»  Barbie Bandits (Feature Film)
Client: haniFILMS
Writer: Chris Hanaford

»  Liz Lerman Dance Exchange’s Ferocious Beauty
(Dance Television Program)
Client: Tatge/Lasseur Productions
Director: Catherine Tatge

»  Love & Money (Short Film)
»  X (Short Film)
»  Tannis (Short Animation)
Independent – Dir. Emile Meyer

»  Feed the Beast (Short Film)
Independent– Director Jack Cook

»  Extinct (Short Film)
Independent – Screenplay by Denise Jones

»  Mourning Motives (Short Film)
Independent – Dir. Sam Kessie

»  Secret of the Black Cat (Short Film)
Independent – Dir. Oliver Oertel

»  ALTESC (Prospective T.V. Series)
Independent - Producers: Jo Weiss & Jill Ubdegrove

»   Weebly Ad Pitch
»   Reeds Jewelers, Wedding and Rope Swing Ad
»   Albertsons Supermarkets, Stock Up Sale Ad
»   Looxcie Ad Pitch
Client: The Lighthouse Film Company
Executive Producer: Brad Walker

»   Charlotte Metro Credit Union, Bellyflopper Ad
Client: Simple Syrup
Producer: Jessie Bailin

»   Dept. of Defense, Distracted and Fatigued Driving PSAs
»   Dept. of Defense, Buckle Up, Ultimate Sacrifice TV PSA
Client: RaffertyWeiss Media
Producers: Chris Weiss, Patrick Rafferty

»   World Without Food Science Supermarket Ad
»   Neustar Enterprise Services Ads
Client: Castle Gate Media
Creative Director: Robert Ryan

»   US Department of Veterans Affairs, Always Here PSA
»   DHHQ Video Advancing the Mission. Together.
»   VA Homeless Veterans Outreach Campaign - PSA
Client: Reingold, Inc.
Creative Director: Joseph Ney

»   McGrath Family of Dealerships, Want More Ads
»   Town and Country Ad
»   Scott Fischer Harley-Davidson Ads
»   Lindsay Automotive Group
»   Crown Automotive Group Ads
»   Hanania Automotive Group Ads
»   Rusnak Audi Pasadena Ads
Client: Moore & Scarry Advertising
Creative Directors: Eddie O, Ed Kiesel

»   National Popular Vote Ads
»   Political Campaign Ads
»   Slots Campaign Answer (Commercial)
Client: Meridian Strategies, LLC
Directors: Mike Mihalke, Steve Powell

»  Medicare Low Income Subsidy (Commercial)
Client: The Associated Producers
Director: Gil Cabrera

»  HSD Family-Travel Campaign (Commercial)
»  Security Ad (Commercial)
Client: Erickson Communities

»   Accepting Help (Fotonovela)
Client: The Media Network
Director: Julie Rios Little

»  Production Company Ident
Client: Nuako City Films
Director: Beverly Nuako

»  Production Company Ident
Client: Tin Can Animation
Director: Chidum Okwue

Onscreen Artwork:
»  Daryl's Restoration Overhall (TV Show)
Client: Boy Wonder Productions

»  I Died (Docu-drama)
Client: Eden Productions
Director: Steven Gillilan

Concept Art/Character Designs:
»  Stolen Love (Feature Film)
Director/Producer: Leonid Andronov

»  Apollo the Hunter (Video Game)
Client: Studio City Games
Producer: Victor Del Bene

»  Vampire School Bus (Musical)
Client: Gumshoe Rumpus Productions
Writer: Jimmy Monack

»  The Eye of the Triangle (Film)
Screenwriter: Evan Lincoln

»  Unnamed Children's Video
Client: Under the Hood Productions
Producer: Mike Ramsdell

»  Mourning Motives (Short Film)
Independent – Dir. Sam Kessie

»  Tannis (Short Animation)
Independent – Dir. Emile Meyer

Graphic Novels/Comics:
»  Untitled Graphic Novel Project
Client: Storyboard Graphic Novels
Pencils and Inks

»  A’pertua (Comic Book Series)
Creator / Writer / Illustrator / Publisher

Book Covers and Interiors:
»  Eerey Tocsin and the Invisible Tower (Children’s Book)
»  Eerey Tocsin on the Underwater Island (Children’s Book)
»  Eerey Tocsin in the Cryptoid Zoo (Children’s Book)
Author: Kevin Noel Olson

»  Comedy of Horrors (Novel)
Author: Sincere Tafari Kirabo

»  Evolution (Poetry Book)
»  Animals (Poetry Book)
Author: William Lawrence

Display Illustrations:
»  Unnamed Project (Proposed Musical)
Maxima International LLC
Producer: William K. Dabagh

»  Club House Story (Corporate Process Chart)
Client: Gannett Co. Inc
Project Coordinator: Brandon Harris

»  Amateur Hour (Feature Film)
Client: Amateur Hour LLC
Producer: Justin D'Agostino

Logo Design:

»  GreenZone Investments, LLC
»  Covers and Soles
»  Smiles on Wings
»  Stories from the Unforged Highway
»  Collie Rescue, Inc.
»  YoungBuck Productions
»  J&J Photography
»  Hirsh Studio
»  Language Gates
»  A’pertua

Poster Design:
»  Amateur Hour (Film)
»  Feed the Beast (Film)
»  Jennifer (Film)
»  Day of the Book (Festival)
»  Foster’s Store

Misc. Graphic Designs:
»  Walton Animal Guild (Billboard)
»  Collie Rescue, Inc. (Tri-fold Brochures)
»  The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (Display Board)
»  Annandale Chamber of Commerce (Awards Invitation)

Various Graphic Designs for:
»  Kensington Row Bookshop
»  Kensington's International Day of the Book Festival
»  Old Town Kensington Merchants Association
»  Country Cupboard Tea Room

Website Design:

Photoshop, Illustrator, ArtRage, InkScape, HTML Web Design

B.S. Marine Biology, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

References are available upon request.
Updated April 16, 2014