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Sequin-tial shiny: Irreverent gide to visual storytelling

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In the News
Kenstington Patch
Artist Juggles Comics, Storyboards and Web Design
by Damian Garde alker England

Reel Zine
Film Review: Amateur Hour
by Justin Fielding
"Among my favorite touches are the nicely drawn storyboards that map out the
caper and occasionally morph into amusing animations."

Fellow Artists
Melanie Dyson

Amber Miedzinski

Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog: A great blog about animation storyboarding

Production Companies
Studio Kinate: Studio Kinate, an animation studio

Austere Films: Production company of the film Amateur Hour.

Eerey Tocsin in the Cryptoid Zoo: New children's book

House of October: A comic by Aaron F. Gonzalez

Black Mane: A comic by Michael LaRiccia

Web Designer Tools
Pattern Cooler: Amazing background image maker

JavaScript Array: A very useful Java code snippet site